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Mulch and Garden Bed Maintenance

Kellermans Landscape Services provides premium mulch and employs experienced crew members that allows us to guarantee quality results. We use only the best products to ensure your outdoor area looks fantastic and stands the test of time.

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When is the best time to maintain a garden bed?

Here's when you should consider scheduling mulch and garden bed maintenance with Kellerman's Landscaping:

Seasonal Upkeep

Schedule our mulch and garden bed maintenance services at the beginning of each season including Spring and Fall to keep your landscape looking fresh. We'll refresh the mulch, trim any overgrown plants, and tidy up the beds for the season ahead.

Weed Control

When you start noticing weeds invading your garden beds, it's time to schedule our maintenance services. We'll diligently remove weeds, preventing them from competing with your plants for nutrients and ensuring your garden beds remain weed-free.

Mulch Replenishment

As your mulch begins to fade, it's a sign that it's time for a fresh layer. Schedule our services to have your mulch replenished, providing a neat and attractive appearance while also helping to retain moisture and regulate soil temperature.

Choose Kellerman's Landscaping for reliable and timely mulch and garden bed maintenance services. 

Why you should choose us to maintain your garden beds?


Professional care & expertise:

Our skilled team is dedicated to providing top-notch mulch and garden bed maintenance services. You can trust us to handle every detail, ensuring your garden beds look their best.


Improve plant health

We'll nurture your plants with proper mulching and weed control, promoting their health and vitality. Say goodbye to pesky weeds and hello to flourishing plants!


Enhance curb appeal

With our meticulous mulch and garden bed maintenance, your property will stand out with beautiful, well-groomed garden beds that add charm and curb appeal.


Tailored solutions and attention to detail

We understand that every garden is unique. Our team will work closely with you to create a personalized plan that meets your specific preferences and requirements.

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Why Choose Kellerman's Landscaping Services?

Price, Quality, Dependability… That’s the Kellermans way.
Providing Mulch and Garden Bed Services in Chester County for Over 20 years

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