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Kellerman’s Landscaping can guarantee that taking care of your trees and shrubs will be our top priority as we have many years of experience to back up our services. Although there are no clear indicators for when you should get your tree or shrub cleaned up, it’s best to follow your gut and what kind of appearance you want to go for.

When you choose Kellerman’s Landscaping for your commercial clean up, we recognize that you put your trust in us to do the best job we can. That’s why over the years we’ve developed our own way of getting the job done while following our motto, “Price, Quality, Dependability”.

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Residential Tree Services in West Chester, PA

One of our signature methods we like to use when tackling these types of jobs is to split your trees into two categories: mature trees and young trees. This allows us to put different kinds of focus on the trees so that we don’t mistreat some of them. Mature trees require pruning to remove dead and dying branches to maintain the health and safety of the tree. Young trees, on the other hand, need to be molded and shaped at a young age to allow for a strong framework the tree can follow to grow. 

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