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Tree Pruning Services

Kellerman’s Landscaping breaks tree pruning into 2 categories: mature tree pruning and young tree pruning.


Mature Tree Pruning

Mature trees require pruning to remove dead and dying branches to maintain the health and safety of the tree. This version of pruning is called cleaning. Another type of pruning is thinning. Thinning is when you remove live branches to reduce density which in turn reduces wind resistance and possible storm damage. 


Young Tree Pruning

Structural pruning of young trees is extremely important and overlooked. Clustered trees in the wild tend to grow straight and tall, losing lower branches due to lack of sunlight. When planted individually in a landscape however, trees are subjected to full sunlight, and many species of tree will develop multiple stems that are prone to failure and falling off. Pruning these trees when they are young is critical to ensure the tree has a strong framework to grow. 

Tree Pruning Services - Kellermans Landscaping

Tree Pruning Services

Shrub Pruning Services

Shrub Pruning Services - Kellermans Landscaping

Here at Kellerman’s Landscaping, we not only specialize in tree pruning but shrub pruning as well. Shrub pruning removes old growth as well as new shoots. For shrubs, a cut is made deeper into the crown so the plant has a looser and natural appearance that can be maintained if done properly depending on species. Since we remove older branches when pruning, the plant can grow to a specific size and this size can be maintained through continuously scheduled pruning.

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