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Although it might seem like the simpler option to let leaf pile up in your lawn, doing so can actually make it harder for your lawn to stay healthy all winter. Your grass will starve because a canopy of leaves prevents sunlight from reaching it, halting photosynthesis. By completely removing these leaves, you enable sunlight to reach your grass and enable your lawn to continue producing nutrients that are rich in energy. By hiring us now to perform a professional leaf cleanup this fall, you’re  preventing landscape service mayhem in the spring. Preserve your lawns livelihood by calling today.

Leaf Cleanup Company
Leaf Cleanup Services


You can benefit from a thriving lawn for a few more months before winter comes by planning a fall cleanup with Kellermans Landscape Services. The nights spent roasting marshmallows over  bonfires in your gorgeous backyard aren’t quite gone yet.

You can get a jump start on the situation by making a plan to sweep up your fallen leaves throughout September and October. In addition to putting the health of your lawn first, you’re also protecting your house from unwanted pests. Have you already noticed your trees leaves falling?

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